Sovra candido vel cinta d’uliva donna m’apparve, sotto verde manto…

(Dante Alighieri, Purgatorio XXX)


The old olive groves of Piantone di Falerone provide a unique variety oil full of history that has its beginning in the a.c. 29, when the strips of land where today lies the municipality of Falerone, rising the imposing Roman’s city of Falerio Picenus.

This land is the guardian of the ancient Roman history due to the presence of the Archaeological park of Falerio Picenus located a few dozen meters from the olive trees that give the life to the “Twenty-nine” oil a.c.

The production and the trade of oil in the fermane lands since 1500 is documented by discoveries of Torcularia and related Dolii (for oil) in the several country house of the territory. Acknowledge since the past as the green gold, at the beginning it was used only by the wealthy people and (facoltose). Only after the 20th century, especially with the introduction of sharecropping oil it was appreciated even by those who produced it directly: the farmers.

The “Twenty-nine” oil a.c. smells of history and smells of earth.

A small and accurate production gives life to this oil produced uniquely from Piantone di Falerore’s olive, cultivar autoctona cultivated in the municipality of Falerone. This oil is green with golden highlights and a fruity aroma with notes of artichoke and almond. At the initially sweet tasting with spicy notes on the finish. It has a high content of polyphenols. Careful cultivation in the attention of the environment and the product like the collection that is made exclusively by hand. The processing of the oil by the olive is made in “cold” way within twelve hours since the collection, as in the original tradition, in order to maintain the healthy and natural taste.

The oil is filtered through cotton in order to remove any impurities resulted from the processing.

This oil is suggested to use with vegetable soups, boiled vegetables, grilled meat and all kinds of fish.

We recommend storing the oil bottle into the providing box in wood material in order to avoid direct exposure to the light. Store in a dry place at a temperature close to 15°.

The company’s mission is to rediscover and enhance a product that in the recent years has lost charisma and value, improving the quality of the product that deduct the quantity of the same. This is easily showed to the final customer due to the limited collection of production.

For the packaging is provided a dark bottle of 25 cl and 10 cl.

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Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva – Piantone di Falerone

Marche region cultivated in the province of Fermo, in a limited area between the towns of Falerone and Montegiorgio, and in inland areas of the province of Macerata, up to high altitudes.
Medium-vigorous tree, with an upturned habit and a voluminous high-density crown
Branches with numerous branches, short internodes, narrow and long leaves, dark green in the upper page and light green in the lower one.

The oil is of a medium – light fruity, initially sweet, slightly spicy and with a pleasantly bitter aftertaste, green in color tending to yellow, with a rather high polyphenol content.


Soup of “Cicerchia di Serra dei Conti” with Ventinove a.C. oil

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